Type 2 diabetes control other than diet

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Type-2 diabetes is a major, non-communicable disease with increasing prevalence at a global level. Type-2 diabetes results when the body does not make enough insulin or the body cannot use the insulin it produces. Type-2 diabetes is the leading cause of premature deaths.


Improperly, it can result in a true number of health issues, including heart diseases, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, foot and leg amputations, and death. Type-2 adult-onset or diabetes diabetes is most common type of diabetes, usually starts when a person is in his or her mids, but diabetes is not inevitable. Minor changes in your lifestyle can reduce your chances of getting this disease greatly.

Therefore, in order to prevent this condition, action should be taken about the modifiable factors that influence its development-lifestyle and dietary habits. However, with proper testing, lifestyle and treatment changes, healthy eating as a strategy, promote walking, exercise, and other physical activities have beneficial effects on human prevention and health or treatment of diabetes, promoting adherence to this pattern is of considerable public health importance.

It has been estimated that the number of diabetes sufferers in the world will double from the current value of about million to million during the next 25 years.

It also imposes important medical and financial burdens. Genetic susceptibility and environmental influences appear to be the most crucial factors accountable for the development of this condition.

However, a drastic increase of physical inactivity, obesity, and type-2 diabetes has been observed. The fact indicates that obesity and physical inactivity may constitute the primary reasons for the increasing burden of diabetes in the developed world. Diet is one of the major factors now linked to an array of diseases including diabetes. The type and amount of food consumed is a fundamental determinant of human health.

Diet constitutes a crucial aspect of the overall management of diabetes, which may involve diet alone, diet with oral hypoglycemic drugs, or diet with insulin. The dietary guidelines as used in this review are sets of advisory statements that give quick dietary advice for the management of the diabetic population in order to promote overall nutritional well-being, glycogenic control, and prevent or ameliorate diabetes-related complications.

Objectives of dietary treatment of diabetes The aims of dietary treatment of diabetes are: To achieve optimal blood glucose concentrations. To achieve optimal blood lipid concentrations. To provide appropriate energy for reasonable weight, normal growth, and development, including during lactation and pregnancy.

To prevent, delay, and treat diabetes-related complications. To improve health through balanced nutrition. This is a consequence of illiteracy, poverty, and cultural misconceptions about the role of diet in the management of diabetes. This is normally the most problematic aspect of diabetes care. Per day The usually recommended daily energy intake for the non-obese diabetic patient is between and calories, per day the average allowance being k calories. The dietary pattern emphasizes a consumption of fat mainly from foods high in unsaturated fatty acids, and encourages daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and whole grains, low consumption of fish, poultry, tree nuts, legumes, very less consumption of red meat.

High consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, fish, oil and cereals leads to a high ratio of monounsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids, a low intake of trans fatty acids, and high ingestion of dietary fiber, antioxidants, polyphenols. The diets are characterized by a low degree of energy density overall; such diet prevent weight exert and gain a protective effect on the development of type-2 diabetes, a condition that is mediated through weight maintenance.

Greater adherence to the diet in mixture with light physical activity was associated with lower odds of having diabetes after adjustment for various factors. Type-1 diabetes requires insulin always, diet, and exercise. Type-2 diabetics require insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents medication that helps lower blood sugarif diet and exercise alone fail to lower blood glucose.

If you have diabetes, you need to have a medical team doctor, nutritionist, and health nurse or educator working with you. Whichever type of diabetes you have, the key to proper control is balancing the glucose and the insulin in the blood. This means adjusting your diet, activity, and taking medication sometimes.

The following guidelines are applicable to diabetes irrespective of type, weight status, age, gender, or occupation. All refined sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and their products soft drinks, sweets, toffees, etc. These foods contain simple sugar, which is absorbed leading to rapid rise in blood sugar easily. Non-nutritive sweeteners, e. Animal fat such as butter, lard, egg yolk, and other foods high in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol should be reduced to a minimum and be replaced with vegetable oils, polyunsaturated fats particularly.

Salt should be reduced whether hypertensive or not. Protein fish, meat, beans, crab, crayfish, soyabean, chicken, etc. Cigarette smoking should be avoided by diabetic patients. Alcohol should be taken only in moderation. The items allowed for free consumption include: Water, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, aubergine, peppers, vegetable salad without cream.

Any brand of tea, coffee, or drinks that contain very low or no calories. For patients ill to eat solid food too, a fluid or semi-solid diet should be substituted papaya, soya bean, custard, etc. Patients treated with insulin or certain oral hypoglycemic agents, e.

over the day

Small meals spaced, than 1 or 2 big meals rather, are helpful in avoiding post-pyramidal peaks in blood sugar. The fundamental principle behind maintenance of body weight is the energy balance. These patients should endeavor to choose their daily foods from starches also, vegetables, fruits, and protein, while limiting the amount of fats.

However, dietary approaches have changed as we have learned more about the disease. The traditional approach to diabetes focuses on limiting refined foods and sugars that release sugars during digestion-starches, breads, fruits, etc. With carbohydrates reduced, the diet might contain an unhealthful amount of fat and protein.

Therefore, diabetes professionals have taken care to limit fats- especially saturated fats that can raise cholesterol levels, and also to limit protein for individuals with impaired kidney function. The new approach focuses more attention on fat. Fat is a nagging problem for individuals with diabetes. The more fat there is in the diet, the harder time insulin has in getting glucose into the cells. Conversely, minimizing fat intake and reducing body fat help insulin do its job much better. Newer treatment programs reduce meats, high-fat dairy products, and oils.

The study found that patients on oral medications and patients on insulin were able to get off of their medications after some days on a near-vegetarian diet and exercise program. During 2 and 3-year follow-ups, a lot of people with diabetes treated with this regimen have retained their gains.

The dietary changes are simple, but profound, and they work. Being a right part of a balanced diet, fruits play a essential role in human nutrition by supplying the necessary growth regulating factors essential for maintaining normal health. They have been especially valuable for their ability to prevent vitamin vitamin and C A deficiencies.

Fruits and vegetables are good source of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids anti-oxidantssaponins, polyphenols, carotenoids vitamin A-like compoundsisothiocyanates sulfur-containing compoundsand several types of dietary fibers. The fruits and vegetables not only prevent malnutrition but also help in maintaining optimum health through a host of chemical elements that are still being identified, tested, and measured. They prevent various chronic diseases like stroke, hypertension, birth defects, cataracts, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, diverticulosis, obstructive pulmonary disease bronchitisand and asthma obesity etc.

Fruits and vegetables are high in cellulose-a type of insoluble fiber. Diets that are high in fiber could be able to help in the management of diabetes. Soluble fiber delays glucose absorption from the small intestine and therefore may help prevent the spike in blood glucose levels that follow a meal or snack.

The long-term effect may be insignificant, however, due to the many other factors that affect blood glucose. The effects of the vegetables and fruit on the human health allowed to once again measuring the enormous stakes. This new and effective approach to diabetes is simple remarkably. Here are 4 simple steps to managing your blood weight and sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol with diet. These products contain cholesterol and also, of course, animal protein.

It may surprise you to learn that diets high in animal protein can aggravate kidney calcium and problems losses. Animal products provide fiber or healthful carbohydrates never.

A vegan diet is one which contains no animal products at all. A day Go high fiber Aim for 40 grams of fiber, but start slowly. Load up on beans, vegetables, and fruits. Choose whole grains barley, oats, millet, whole-wheat, etc. Aim for at least 3 grams per serving on food labels and at least 10 grams per meal. Low-fat, vegetarian diets are ideal for individuals with diabetes The health advantages of a low-fat vegetarian diet such as portions of vegetables, grains, fruits, and legumes excluding animal products in people with type-2 diabetes.

The vegan diet is based on American Diabetes Association ADA guidelines; the results of this study were astounding: Forty-three percent of the vegan group reduced their diabetes medications.

Among those participants who didn’t change their lipid-lowering medications, the vegan group also had more substantial decreases in their total and LDL cholesterol levels. Avoid added vegetable oils and other high-fat foods avoid Although most vegetable oils are in some ways healthier than animal fats, you will want to keep them to a minimum still.

All fats and oils are concentrated in calories highly. A gram of any fat or oil contains 9 calories, compared with only 4 calories for a gram of carbohydrate. Avoid foods fried in oil, oily toppings, and olives, avocados, and peanut butter. Aim for no more than grams of fat per serving of food, e. Favor foods with a low glycemic index enjoy The glycemic index identifies foods that increase blood sugar rapidly. This helpful tool allows you to favor foods which have much less effect on blood sugar. High-glycemic-index foods include sugar itself, white potatoes, most wheat flour products, and most cold cereals, e.

Table 1 Open in a separate window Food groups Choose unlimited amounts of grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Modest amounts of non-fat condiments, alcohol, and coffee are fine also. Limiting how much salt you eat can help keep your blood pressure low.


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  5. 40:35
    because there was less fat in the body the insulin sensitivity went up by a large number


    because they were not eating enough carbs or food in general the insulin sensitivity got better , and the body stopped using sugar and insulin, and instead started using the fat in the body for energy because it couldnt get all the energy it needed from the restricted food

    The fat around their body was not helping them it was not the problem, if the body and insulin would not store that fat in the body the person would die of sugar toxicity , you should thank the fat , because it is trying to save you.


    In her field that is like seeing a miracle on your way to work and just moving on!

    That is the problem in the medical community not enough curiosity to find things out.

    Some one probably found the cure for aids , they said interesting ,and moved on WWTFFFF????

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  7. It you have diabetes and your eating anything with a label your never going to get better.

  8. Im sorry but I think their understanding is completely wrong. A type 2 diabetic person needs to avoid fruits and simple carbs like the plague. Its the carbs that got them there in the first place. The constant demand for insulin makes people insulin resistant and then eventually these people suffer from diabetes and complications associated with that condition. As a side note, insulin is the fat storage hormone and when present in the blood stream for prolonged periods of time, prevents glucagon from doing its job which signals the release of fatty acids.

    To say that carbs are the preferred fuel source for the body is a complete falacy. Fact is that in our 2 million years of evolution, carbs were not always available. Maybe 2 or 3 times throughout the year if you happened to live in the right area. In the northern hemisphere, once a year and during that time of abundance, the humans would stuff themselves and gain a lot of weight for times of famine. Access to fruit must have been a problem because we had lost our ability to climb trees. Hum!

    Simply put, the type 2 diabetes condition (not disease) is easily reversible. The idea is to limit the carbs so that the body can regain its insulin sensitivity. As insulin goes down, glucagon will step in to signal the release of fatty acids that will be utilized by the liver to be converted to ketone bodies to be used by the entire body. And yes, the brain is more than happy to run on ketones after its adaptation. Sugar levels in the body will normalize and inflammation caused by the constant high insulin levels will disappear.

    A new recommendation would be very easy. It goes something like this. Eat some leafy green vegetables (non starchy), very little fruit, moderate protein but the bulk of the energy needs come from fats (all naturally occurring fats are good). Simply put, eat real food; eat whole foods. If it comes in a box or is processed, dont eat it. If its man made, dont have it.

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    • @Dee Thats because before industrialization you would only have whole natural carbs with lower glycemic index not fried rice with extra large coke and a side of fried gravy in starchy red ketchup sauce. It was only rice that was eaten. Now you have sugar in almost everything. The level of stupidity is oustanding. Natural carbs are never the enemy but in world like today would you only have rice and never a cupcake or a cookie or an icecream scoop for dessert? Ridiculous. To stop people from overeating carbs they say to cut down all carbs.

    • I always laugh when someone mentions carbs as the enemy. Yet forget the 1.6 billion Chinese with a far lower diabetic rate. These people live on rice yet don’t even come close to our level of heart and brain disease.

    • @Le Chiffre Yep, this is the establishment old school paradigm. Nice in theory. Virtually impossible to attain in practice (unless some sort of 80, 10, 10 pattern is followed). If thats what they are saying, then, say it! Dont dance around the issue and waffle about low fat without defining it.

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    • It’s spelled Obama and she worked with the USDA making the food plate. Hope that helps

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  16. Where the fuck are the fats in that plate you showed at 2 minutes

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  18. you know when I watch a video I dont want to hear about glyco or whatever the hell I just want to know what the hell I can eatIm not the blood sugar s******* all this other stuff I want to know what I can eat and what I cant eat when will dietitians get the carb out of their ass and stop trying to explain science to us just tell us as human beings what we can eat and what we cant and be honest about it and stop trying to make a money making projects out of it because basically the medical industry dont give a rats ass about nobody all they care about is lining their pockets with that cool cash doctors dont give a rats ass about you they do your money. And as far as the federal government the sooner you drop dead theyll be happy.

  19. I am sorry to say this lady is full BS. If she got diabetes, I bet she certainly will change her mind…..

  20. Could not watch – big fail. She does not believe wheat is bad for you. Really, how does she know me? What science did she use to come that opinion?

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  22. Try to find unsweetened coconut yogurt. Milk is high in sugar. I would avoid it.

  23. Humans store fat for fuel. Not sure why speaker says carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source. If carbs were preferential wouldnt we store carbs instead of fat?

    • Learn biochemistry and dont rely from google and socalled weight loss experts. Carbs is the prefered energy fuel coz it easy to break it down and not fat. SMH

    • That is what they are taught and they hardly get out of that boxed thinking.
      They have no curiosity and they dont question the authority , that is a recipe for stagnation and that is why the medical field develops so slowly.

      Even if the evidence of high fat low carb diets have been stacking up faster after the year 2000 it will take 30-50 years for it to be taken seriously from the doctors that deal with patients.

  24. Looked up countries with lowest diabetes. Luthiwania, Estonia, Ireland. There diets are very high in potatoes. Can someone explain this? One Doctor stated it best. People get fat n sick on french fries and blame potatoes. Donuts and ice cream n candy and blame fruit. Crackers, White Bread and blame oatmeal and beans…lol

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  26. The audience is really smart and making some really good questions which the female doctors didnt have any good responses.

    EX1 The girl asking why not just eat when you are hungry, was a brilliant one, and the girl is right she should eat only when she is hungry, maybe if she eats only 2 times a day would be much better then eating 3 times a day, and the worse is snacking , YOUR ARE JUST EXHAUSTING YOUR PANCREAS , AND YOU ARE ACTIVATING INSULIN ALL THE TIME , so it is better to fast then to eat (unless you are really thin , which would mean the body would start to eat your own muscle and that would be bad, if you are a little fat your body can support itself with the fat so you will also lose weight)

    The other doctor said studies have shown that people who eat 3 meals are thinner then people that dont
    and then she starts speculating on why which is wrong , she should not speculate , it takes away from the study and it is not a good practice to rationalize those results…

    Maybe the people who eat 3 times are more disciplined with food and that is why they are thinner doesnt mean that eating 3 times a day is better.

    And the other theory she gave doesnt even answer the question , alter the metabolism
    that is a non answer.

    Then she says just eat something, is horrible advice, and makes it worse, just a piece of fruit ,,,NO NO NO.
    You are spiking your sugar and insulin and then they will get low again and it will become a vicious cycle you cant get out and you end up eating all day every hour or so

    Maybe eat a piece of avocado which will not affect sugar that is much better, it contains only fat so no insulin spike no sugar spike

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  28. With this general and weak advice no wonder people stay sick. Go super low carb. Lean protein n tons of veggies n salads. I started putting some mustard on salads. It pretty good with zero carbs. Zero fat n zero carbs.

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  32. Never ad cheese or butter to a carb. The animal protein i been reading makes the sugar spike even more.

  33. A very clear explanation for Type2 Diabetes. Thanks for sharing this video . I recently met a doctor who explain me the same way

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  34. Exercise can aid in the symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus as it increases the usage of glucose and insulin

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  35. People dont know to look at a label to see if a product has sugar in it. Really. Is the audiance all 5 year olds?

  36. Very well, thank you for helping the diabetics. in my case I followed this natural method: *thebigdiabetes-lie. com* (Google it)
    for 3 months and my diabetes stopped. 💕

  37. AT 39 MIN when she shows that study on low calorie
    I was screaming through the monitor

    Intermittent fasting and Ketogenic Diet will produce the same fucking results because it will work the same way and you will not starve to death because you are going to eat fats so you dont have a caloric deficit.

    She thinks because they got thinner the insulin started working better, she literally thinks that the fat in the body is the problem ,, when in fact it is the insulin that made you fat , and when the insulin was normalized in that diet they started using that fat for energy , I bet if they measured ketones in the urine they would find them in high amounts.

    If those people were thin with no fat to burn that low caloric diet would have starved them and probably made things worse because the body would start to consume its own muscles.


  38. Make pizza at home . Low carb crust with almond flour. Organic sauce n organic cheese n load it up with some good veggies.

  39. I notice many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). But Im not sure if its good. Have you ever tried this popular diet plan?

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